Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ancillary Task - Poster drafts

This is the final draft of our poster that we have decided on, as we thought that the use of creative darkness is much more effective with the sole poker table instead of the combination of that and the lamp.

Our original idea was to have the lamp shining light down onto the poker table, however we felt that if the table is on its own, then the connotations of loneliness is more stark, and fits better with our film choice.

We also experimented with having a horizontal poster, however since it would hypothetically have to fit inside a magazine/outside advertising it was not a practical idea. The only place this size would be relevant would be a billboard (however the film will most likely not reach that type of publicity)

Ancillary Task - Commentary

We created this commentary to discuss the both the poster and our magazine review. Narration from 3 of our group members was place over the top of examples of our ancillary tasks to match the narration.  We filmed ourselves commenting on the pieces then imported the video to Adobe Premier Pro where we unlinked the audio and video, deleted the video line and embedded the imported pictures into the sequence.

Storyboard Animatic

Once we had created a shooting script we decided to create a storyboard so that we can visually represent the shots we aim to recreate in our film. We then took photos of each individual storyboard picture. Using Adobe Premier Pro we arranged the photos into an animatic. We then downloaded non-copyrighted music from, choosing an harmonica and electric guitar style blues poece feeling that it represented a stereotypical image of the gambling genre.