Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Shooting Script - Shooting day 2 (Re-Shoot)

After importing the initial footage we decided that further filming was needed due to issues with continuity and several absent scenes. Obviously we will need to consider the continuity between the two shoots and we intend to re-shoot the main poker game again using the following shots;

Panning shot right to left of players

Wide shot of dealer handing out cards

Mid shot of every player looking at their cards then putting the blind in

Close up of player's cards

Reaction shot of cards (smirk, etc)

Close up of flop

Mid shot of every player checking

Close up of Turn

Remind audience of everyones cards in relation to the flop

Mid shot of Shaun drinking to connote nerves

Over the shoulder shot of Eddy putting chips all in

Mid shot of Eddy going all in

Close up of Eddy pushing chips in (repeat same shots for every player)

Wide shot of all players going all in - one after another

Extreme close up of every players eyes alternatively

Close up of River (last card on flop)

Reaction Shot Eddy happy - 'read em and weep'

Mid shot of Eddy revealing cards

Reaction shot of Thug annoyed

Mid shot of thug throwing cards on table

Reaction shot of Shaun - initially looks worried

Mid shot of Shaun revealing he is winner

Close up of Shaun smiling

Wide shot of dealer giving Shaun chips

Over the shoulder shot of Shaun - Eddy says 'just take your shit and go'

Mid shot of Eddy saying the above

Shot of 5 of the same cards on table

Reaction shot Eddy looks surprised then angry

Over the Shoulder shot Eddy picks up cards

Mid Shot Eddy smacks the table 'that son of a bitch cheated!'

How did your research into audience contribute to your production work?

During the planning stages of our film, we made sure to consult a wide demographic, so to ascertain as much constructive feedback as possibly throughout our planning stages. Our use of a small focus group within our class gave us several key ideas to bring forward to our product.

We originally used audience feedback whilst working on our ancillary tasks. When producing our poster, we showed it to a variety of people, receiving both positive feedback and constructive criticism. Many like the deliberately obscure nature of the poster, saying that it complemented our film idea well, whilst others believed it to be too ambiguous and wasn't easily understandable. This also helped us to identify our key demographic, as more positive feedback came from our male audience rather than females, citing that it was more of a 'guys' theme.

By using sites such as Facebook, we were able to garner even more feedback for our product, allowing us to further improve our film towards our demographic. It was recommended to us by a viewer that the film was a bit too boring; the poker scene moving too slowly. This led us to take inspiration from such Guy Ritchie films as 'Rock n Rolla', using split screens, stylish music and freeze frames to create a more original and captivating film. We also gained feedback that the ending to our film was too obscure and more closure was needed. This led us to include evidence of the main character's demise rather than to leave the audience guessing.

How did your research into institutions responsible for the production and regulation of the media influence your production work?

We made sure to research into similar genres to ours, as a way of judging the type of distributors that would be interested. For example the gambling film '21' used Columbia Pictures to distribute their film, whilst '13 Tzameti' (a far lesser-known film) was distributed by Palm Pictures, a company that is aimed primarily at alternative media. Our film is fairly dissimilar to the typical blockbusters so would more likely be suited for distribution by a small production company. Our film is rather alternat, using video effects, stop-time shots and the 'breaking' of the fourth wall. Consequently our film does not conform to conventions hence a smaller alternate distributor or independent production company would be more appropriate.

How did your research into genre contribute to your production work?

Considering the fact that our film is based mainly on a poker game, it is hard to define a specific genre, however, we hope to emulate the conventions of several different genres, most notably Gangster and Genre. We studied similar movies to ours, such as 'Casino Royale' and '21' to research how these portrayed genre and to provide us with inspiration.

Whilst researching similar poker films (especially the film 13 Tzameti), we noticed that to create the intensity of the game, extreme close-ups of the player's eyes were frequently used combined with fast cuts between the players and their cards. We intend to attempt 'breaking' the fourth-wall, a technique popularised by such Directors as Quentin Tarantino, and by understanding the conventions of the gambling genre, we will be enabled to sufficiently break them, creating a unique idea.

During our research into the 'Gangster' genre, we found that they predominantly include an archetypal 'villian' with whom the audience can identify the contrasts between the protagonist and antagonist. Similarly, the dingy and foreboding atmosphere was something that we too wanted to recreate with our set. To create empathy with our main character, we want to take elements from the 'Drama' genre. For example, we decided to include information of the character's motives, so included his background, creating a situation to evoke sympathy. We also researched into live poker games, mainly on 'Sky Sports' to get an idea of what shots they use to create a coherent game.

Filming Day 1

During the course of our first day's filming, we encountered several problems involving our set, as the small room in which we filmed constricted our ability to film several shots, notably a 360 degree shot of the poker table. However, we were able to film the majority of our shots to a good standard, and the shoot was overall fairly successful. We had to keep in mind not to break the 180% rule, maintain the shot to shot continuity and make sure that the shots were all to a suitable standard.

We found the lighting of the room to be and issue during the shoot, as it was a bright day. This meant that the light behind the curtains affected the quality of the shots, however we managed to counter this by attatching a lamp behind the camera to make the picture clearer.